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I’ve played many kinds of clicker games in the past and this one is kinda unique because it doesn’t focus on infinite and continuous progression. It’s more centered around playing a long session and try to get as many points as you can and be as good as possible before the days run out. I like this because of how boring and tedious these other games can feel with you essentially always doing the same and never getting anywhere. Compared to that is it just cool that it’s different.

So the game plays by you starting a sleazy cam girl operation where you have to earn as much points that you can before the time runs out. It’s fairly chill and fun and you can just go about it in your own pace and have fun without worrying about anything. But you can of course also try to get the achievements or rack up a bunch of points but that’s all as you see fit for yourself.

I know a lot of people that doesn’t like it because of it being a “sequel” to huniepop while not being the same kind of game. But that doesn’t make sense to me because it’s two seperate games. One being a dating-sim/tile-matching game and the other a clicker game so I don’t see a point in comparing them. You can of course compare them on how fun the two are but as they are different games and people have different opinions am I just gonna review it for what it is.

And it’s good in my book. It’s got some fun gameplay and a unique “story” and setup that you don’t see in a lot of other games of that kind which makes it shine a bit more. It’s all in all a clean execution of a fun and weird idea. I’m sure it’s not everyones cup of tea but I’m also pretty sure that most people can have fun with it as long as they are just a little interested in trying it out or that might be thinking that it looks fun. It’s a good game and does what it’s trying to do well and I can recommend it.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Developer: HuniePot
steam page: link
Review date: 23-07-2017

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