Inferno Cop

This is a very weird show and either you’re into or you’re not. You might also don’t care about whether it’s good or not but just wanna be able to say that you’re a fan of a show with the name “Inferno Cop” because it’s cool. And let me tell you what, it sure is something towards the spectrum of cool. The first line of the synopsis might also shed some light on the shows humour and i guess what the show finds funny and presents to the viewer. “Jack Knife Edge Town is as edgy as it sounds, and it’s up to Inferno Cop to stop that edge from tearing his city apart. He’s both law and outlaw, dispensing ungodly justice to evildoers like a candy machine”. It’s just a really fun show. I’m not gonna go and say it’s amazing but with 3 minutes an episode and a storyline deeper than most shows out there then I’ll gladly recommend it any day of the week. This isn’t drawn in any classic way of japanese animation and the characters more resembles something from comic books but it’s just the charm of the show and the way it’s meant to be made. This is a very weird show to write about because if feel like it’s just not something that should be read about it’s something that should be watched. So do yourself a favor and set some time aside to watch this legendary cop take on the evildoers of his beloved city and get mesmerized. This is not a perfect anime it’s an awesome anime!


Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 13
Studios: Trigger
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 10-01-2019

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