I’m gonna start off with saying that I really enjoyed playing through “Inside”. If you aren’t familiar with the game or the studio then they’re also behind the hit “Limbo” which this game is somewhat of a follow-up to. The reason why “Limbo” was so well received and why I really enjoyed both that and this game is because of their great storytelling, atmosphere and artstyle. Without getting off-topic and starting to talk to much about Limbo let’s get into Inside.

When first starting up “Inside” will you tumble into a somewhat gloomy world and quickly and instinctively find yourself moving forward looking for somewhere else to be. You’ll along the way be greeted with fun and challenging puzzles, dangerous surroundings and thought-provoking and stirring places. This journey will be full of exciting and riveting moments as you get enraptured by the unique and enthralling world unraveling in front of your eyes. It’s really special and unique in its own dreary and somber way. They have really done a great job in creating a captivating game to explore. The reason for playing this game is like that of all other good things, they are worth doing. I’m not gonna go ahead and say go and play this 2 hour game and spend all your money on it as quick as possible. What I wanna say is take a look at it and if you are just minutely interested then go ahead and let that pull you into this masterpiece of an experience. It truly is a great game and it’s worth the time spend playing it in my opinion. It’s not gonna change your life, it’s not gonna be life changing, it will quite simply just be worth it and be really fun. I would personally argue for that being enough, but for those still pondering just answer me this. When was the last time you played something you hadn’t tried before and went through a story that moved you and your mind. Even if just for a moment with its unique and comprehensive world that you had to explore. This game can at least to some extent do this and give you a good time. Or I might be overexaturating all of this as this is just a game?

Nonetheless It’s really fun and I really like it and I think most other people would to.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Playdead
steam page: link
Review date: 17-02-2017

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