Joker 2019

I had no idea how it would be going into the theater other than it had got some good reviews, but it didn’t really matter that much as the setting was made clear from the start and you got a great introduction into Arthur’s life. You then get put on a rollercoaster of interesting plot developments as the story pulls you through Arthurs road to becoming what he was born to be.

I really enjoyed the movie but it was a bit of an acid trip sometimes with how weird and crazy things would get. It was focused around Arthurs point of view and how his psychological differences and troubles affects his view of the world and how people treat him. This really was an interesting way to see his story as you swayed between understanding his feelings to being completely out of the loop as of what is really going on inside of his mind.

Other than the story was the artistic elements of the film really well made. There were so many small details and they all build around the character really well. I think a lot of the good from the movie came from Joaquin Phoenix’s acting and how well he was able to become one with the role. and this made it possible to make all the affecting elements of the movie strike so well with the viewer and make it that much more impactful.

It’s a really cool and well made movie with great acting and awesome character development. It of course also has a bit to do with the awesome material it’s based off but that’s only a minor part of it. They really did a good job with this movie and it’s definitely worth a watch whether or not you’re a fan of superheroes.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Duration: 2h 2m
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
IMDb: link
Review date: 28-12-2019

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