Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a must play game if you ever come across owning or being in possession of a VR headset of any kind and having some good friends to play with.

Most videogames nowadays only play out on the computer for obvious reasons but Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes goes outside the box by literally having you using components outside of the realm of cyberspace. This is because only one is playing the game of defusing a bomb while the other players or people participating will have to listen to the information the diffuser is giving out and then read an instruction manual to guide them through defusing the bomb. It’s a really simple and awesome premise and I don’t know why no one have thought of this concept before or made it to reality but the people over at “Steel Crate Games” have done a great job of making this to reality. It’s just so cool and fun to sit down and have a bomb in front of you and having to rely on someone else’s instructions and help to get through it and hopefully live to tell the story about it. I obviously could never imagine this happening in real life and bombs are no joke but this game doesn’t have anything to do with that and is just an awesome game and a fun time. So if you ever have wanted to get your heart pumping, solve some puzzles/riddles and just have a blast of a time then make sure to go and try out Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes if you get the chance.

You can go ahead, play it on your computer with mouse and keyboard, and have the other players talk to you over voice chat or similar stuff and you can view the instruction manual by either printing it out or viewing it on a digital device. This doesn’t affect the gameplay as much as some people might enjoy it more online rather than sitting in the same room with the other people. I personally enjoy the second scenario more but that’s probably more a question of taste rather than anything else. It is also more fun in my opinion when using a VR headset of any kind but it is also very fun on a computer and I have played both ways a bunch so if you have a VR headset and the friends then make sure to try it out. If you still want to try it with a computer is that more than just as awesome as well. Just make sure to find someone you want to play it with and the only problem by playing it online is that you need to own the game to be the bomb diffuser. Therefore, those defusing the bomb will have to own the game to play and you don’t share progress when playing on multiple accounts but I’m sure you can figure that out on your own.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Indie
Developer: Steel Crate Games
steam page: link
Review date: 09-05-2019

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