Lethal League

Lethal league is what you play if you wanna turn things up to eleven as you fight to the death with your friends as you are on the verge of splitting the universe apart because of the immense force being put to use as you battle for the ultimate glory.

The game focuses around essentially playing squash with some added rules. You have to smash a baseball to make it yours so it can hit the other players out of the game. You can smash the ball as much as you want but if you get hit while it is another players color without hitting it with your bat are you out. And each time the ball gets smashed is the speed increased to immeasurable amounts. It’s a bunch of fun and you have a variety of different characters with special abilities and fun traits and quirks to spice it up and make it interesting.

These kinds of games are easy to learn to play but can get really difficult to master which is where all the fun lies. It’s a simple premise as all you have to do is smash the ball and try to get the other players hit to win. But as you might have guessed there is the timing of hitting the ball without getting hit yourself and using your special powers to outplay your opponents and seize victory. There is some interesting things to learn and get good at but other than that is it still just a fun game and a good time if you’re looking for a game to play with your friends. It’s definitely recommended but it can get a little boring after playing for a bit so don’t expect to be entertained for days but see it as a fun game to pull out once in a while.

Recommendation: Greatly Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie, Sport
Developer: Team Reptile
steam page: link
Review date: 14-05-2019

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