Lovely Planet

This is one of the games i feel like you’ve found in some deep dark corner of steam that’s just filled with smiles and fun times. It’s a small and cool game. The premise is very simple and there is no need for anything introductory other than shoot the bad red things. You just pop right into a “Lovely Planet” and then it’s just a matter of having fun. Each level makes you maneuver around trying to get rid of whatever baddies there might be, for who knows what reasons and sometimes save some good guys and such. You’re of course also timed so you have to do it as fast as possible and try not to miss any shots and just go bananas. In all honesty the game is really fun and everything from the gameplay to the music just makes you feel amused and jolly which at least for me made it a fun experience and a good time playing this game. It’s a nice game to throw some hours at or at least try and have some fun with as you see fit.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
steam page: link
Review date: 18-01-2019

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