Munchkin: Adventure Time Edition

Munchkin is a widely played and very popular board game. It’s a fairly simple premise where you fight monsters and get loot as you try to be the first person to get to level 10. I’m gonna review the Adventure Time version that one of my friends own that we’ve played numerous times and really enjoyed to the fullest.

Munchkin is played with cards. Each card is either an item that you can equip, a monster that you can fight or some kind of one time use item with that can do things like buff yourself or monsters, make you level up or do other effects. It’s turn based so you each turn fight a monster and try to get some loot and make yourself stronger. There is also consequences if you don’t manage to win the fight like losing items or just get completely killed. There is a few things that makes munchkin a game i keep coming back to and that makes it so enjoyable at least to me.

First off is the overall gameplay which resonates with many people that likes to play either video games or board games. It’s fun to fight against monsters and make your character stronger and combining this recipe into a game with some fun interactions and just overall good game mechanics makes up for a good game. I also really enjoy the atmosphere that fills the room when playing. I just feel chill and relaxed when playing and there isn’t really anything that’s gonna throw you off guard or mess with you other than getting killed or losing all your items. You can also keep conversations while playing and it’s a bunch of fun to get help from your friends or mess with them if it is going to well for them.

Munchkin is just a game that offers a great time with some fun game mechanics.


Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Review date: 02-01-2019
BoardGameGeek: link

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