Never Alone

Never alone is a very cinematic platformer with great animations and fun and engaging gameplay. I don’t wanna pretend that I were extremely invested in the story or the plot but it was without a doubt very fascinating and intriguing to learn about inuit culture with the story the game told. To have a cool and interesting story to unveil with some very charismatic and likeable characters really helps making it a great game and fuels your interest to keep playing and have fun. So despite how I weren’t that interested in the overall story was all the little parts and cool moments really awesome and something I appreciated a lot.

You are in some place in the northern arctic hemisphere and there is a blizzard that doesn’t seem to go away, so you decide to do something about it with your new friend and you’re off to your own little adventure. You then go through challenges and hurdles as you learn more about why the blizzard is happening and hear different stories until you eventually reach the end. It’s really fun and I can’t stress enough how well the animations are in this game. It’s not so much about how well done it is in terms of looks but more about all the details and thoughts that were put into the execution. Honestly quite the piece of art.

The gameplay is also really well made and I didn’t have any complaints. You obviously have a few parts you just wanna get over with or that you might not find as fun as the rest of the game but it was overall really good. They take great use of a multitude of different mechanics and effects to shape the environment to come up with unique and amusing puzzles. There is a lot of these and they all feel unique and fitting for each part of the game.

It’s overall just a really fun and solid game that I can greatly recommend for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful game to go through and enjoy.

Recommendation: Greatly Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Upper One Games, E-Line Media
steam page: link
Review date: 23-07-2019

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