Noragami S1

One of the things i like most about anime is how it’s able to take something you don’t know anything about and make it awesome. In the case of Noragami is it the many gods around us, or more specifically around the people of japan and in the other world aligned next to our own. The show follows the story of the middle school girl Hiyori Iki that one day makes the heroic act of saving the god Yato from an accident. The accident has left her with a loose soul or whatever and she can now see this other world and stuff like that. She needs the help of the god Yato if she wants to become normal again but he himself isn’t able to do this and requires her help so she can help herself. It’s a cool backstory and all but nothing that’s out of the ordinary or strikes any alarms as something to look out for. That is why you should look at or enjoy everything else about the show because it really does a great job of just doing one great thing after another.

The show is made by Bones that has a record for doing really good shows and i probably don’t have to say much more other than it follows the previous successes when it comes to quality. I personally don’t feel like quality is the biggest part when it comes to a story but it’s of course always a nice plus. But even though i most definitely don’t feel it’s the most important thing did it despite that really help in pulling me in episode after episode. The visuals just does so much in emphasizing the feeling of the world and making it dynamic and interesting to look at which really helps as you learn more about it through our main characters. It does a great job combining these characters as it shows their emotions and interactions in amusing ways especially because of their relations to each other and how the contrasts between them makes for a dynamic and interesting time. I think i just really wanna say that i found it a cool show and it was a very chill and action packed anime that made my time with it very enjoyable and worthwhile. A great watch and not something you’ll be disappointed by watching.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 12
Studios: Bones
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 05-02-2019

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