One Hour One Life

Quite interesting social experiment and multiplayer experience, extremely unique and overall fun to try out. It’s a survival game and it’s not that many years ago a big boom of those just suddenly appeared everywhere so it’s quite standard in that manner. What’s new and interesting is the idea of one’s own character and a community. You spawn in a random world as either the first person “a mom” or an already existing world as a toddler. This means you will have to grow up so you can help expand your village and your family and or take care of the new family members. This can be quite challenging and as you might expect as in real life you aren’t able to do anything until you’ve aged a few years. It luckily only takes a few minutes for that to happen and as the game title suggests are you not going to stay alive for much longer than an hour. In the meantime while you grow are you 100% dependent on your mom taking care of you. This can often end up meaning that your mom just leaves you because she can’t take care of you or maybe you just wander off to far away from her and starves to death. It all sounds a little harsh and merciless when put to words but I can luckily guarantee it’s much more fun and light-hearted when actually playing. The game also has some good survival mechanics with heat, starvation and the crafting system. It’s all quite simple but it is still going to feel complex in the start and can be a bit overwhelming because of the many items needed for each recipe when crafting. It’s a great game and I don’t know how many are currently playing it but if people still play it then go right in and see how it is to build a big family with some strangers. Can’t recommend it for the full price personally as I find it a little expensive but cool to get when on sale.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Indie, Multiplayer, Simulation
Developer: Jason Rohrer
steam page: link
Review date: 08-01-2019

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