One Piece: Episode of Luffy – Hand Island no Bouken

Another story with the great straw hat crew and some guy obsessed with power. I do for the most part love all of one piece and it’s many movies, special episodes and everything else but I personally feel like most of them is meant to be watched in a certain way or for a certain reason. This is especially the case for this one as I feel like it’s more enjoyable as a way to recap and get some nostalgia rather than watching it as a standalone movie.

The movie takes place after the two year break (Spoiler warning) and doesn’t really affect any story elements or character progression with the only exception might being some more screen time for the straw hats great friend and soldier of the marines Coby. The overall story is fairly short and not that deep and 30min+ of the movie is dedicated to flashbacks of when Luffy first met Shanks and how he met Coby. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I found it nice with the flashbacks to get some nostalgia and it was very good with the updated art, but that’s the thing. This movie works best as something to watch years or at least a long time after you’ve watched the first episodes of one piece. This is a great alternative to watching it all over again like you might want to watch a movie you haven’t seen in a long time but it doesn’t work as well as just a movie.

This movie is despite how I make it into something you only should watch for some nostalgia still good and can definitely be watched without it needing to be for the sake of recapping or such. The whole point is that you should for sure check it out if you want to see some more one piece (even though you might want to check out some of the prime stuff first) and then watch this as a nice small filler. I don’t want to call it bad as I found it doing a great job of showing some emotions and just getting some good vibes from the many characters and making it an chill and enjoyable watch. But don’t expect it to be some insane fighting movie as it’s main focus lies around the story and how it affects the people involved. The conclusion is that it’s worth watching if you want to go for it but just remember there is some recap in there if you’re not into that.

Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 1
Studios: Toei Animation
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 20-01-2019

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