Gravity is a really cool thing to play and experiment with since it’s one of the fundamental forces of the universe but in our daily life we only really experience that of earth so it’s always awesome to see how it works outside of our atmosphere. So, Orbitalis is a simple game focused around the concept of gravity set in an environment which essentially is outer space. Here you are asked to clear hurdles requiring you to master the use of gravity to gain your desired results on your journey. Or said more accurately you shoot rocks around a glowy thing. The game can be fun and cool and all but it has a few problematics the way i see it. First of all each level isn’t really focused around anything other than keeping your rock “alive” or in orbit depending on the specific levels task. The way this is achieved is basically just trial and error. You can definitely become good at the game and learn some tricks than works better than others but most of the experience is just trying until you succeed. This makes the whole experience feel like it’s all about luck and makes it all feel a bit lackluster. The game is well made in the sense that it’s fairly pretty on some of the levels and has some cool design choices. It’s also awesome how the trajectory is made that you can see where your rock is gonna go and how it changes dynamically as the level play out. But that’s just that there isn’t really anything captivating about the game. The UI despite it’s attempt to be non-linear, new and interesting is a bit clunky and it’s not really clear most of the time what is required to progress and what is available to play. The gameplay is just to much of the same with small variations that of course adds something new to the table every time but still has the same core problems as the mechanics prior to it. The game can entertain one for some time but it’s definitely not something i would recommend anyone to play and it’s not really that amazing. If you still feel like you would be interested in playing this game then hey go for it but let me tell you that you’re in for a long boring experience of trial and error and i can’t stand behind saying it’s a good idea.


Recommendation: Not Recommended
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Developer: Alan Zucconi
steam page: link
Review date: 10-12-2018

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