Painters Guild

It’s a very simple and short management sim with you controlling your very own painters guild. It’s quite simple and could go as a flash game as far as I’m concerned but I’ve played many flash games and flash alike games that whoops bigger titles ass. I like the premise and had an overall fun time playing the game. The downsides is on how short the game is. There is not really much to be invested in and you fairly quickly get a premise for how the game works and how to play it until there is nothing more to do. It only took me around two hours to “complete”. There isn’t really any end so once you’ve gotten all upgrades, fully levelled up all painters and done whatever else there is to do can you most likely call yourself done. It was fun for me to play and I know some people might not like it but I enjoyed the process of levelling up the painters and completing it to the end. It was some nice art style and I had fun figuring out how to be efficient and how to handle the different situations that arrived as good as possible. There isn’t much else to this review other than you should not pay full price. Go for it when on sale when it’s below like 2 dollars if you’re really interested.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Lucas Molina
steam page: link
Review date: 30-12-2018

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