Penarium is a small 2d platformer that’s quite fun to play. I didn’t expect anything special and didn’t get anything special, I just got a nice little platformer.
Little willy has to run around in a circus arena to please the sadistic audiences like in the colosseum of ancient rome. This is done by you choosing a stage where you then try to stay alive while smashing barrels until you either win or can’t keep it up anymore. It’s got 30 campaign levels which at first doesn’t feel like is much but they can take a little while to get through. It also offers an arena option which i personally didn’t find very interesting or fulfilling after playing the campaign as it merely offers the same content but in a slightly different format. It on the other hand does a nice job offering a fun and interesting campaign. The story is simple and straightforward and doesn’t have anything unnecessary added to it and just gives the player a good time trying to get past all the different levels. it of course scales in difficulty and adds new elements to it every so often so it doesn’t get boring before you reach the end. I can recommend playing the campaign as i found myself having a good time playing it but i wouldn’t pay full price for this game. It’s without a doubt worth playing the campaign if you have it in your steam library for whatever reason but I’m a bit hesitant to pay for it as i find lackluster in terms of content for the price you have to pay. Overall a nice game but not worth the full price.

Recommendation: Recommended if cheap
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Self Made Miracle
steam page: link
Review date: 22-01-2019

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