Portal 2

Such a fun and cool puzzle game that for many is a must to play and I’m probably leaning a little bit towards that myself. There is no game that is a must in this world, but there is good games that are really well made and fun to play. Portal 2 get put in that bracket with it’s chill gameplay, fun and intriguing storytelling and some very cool and challenging puzzles to overcome. The game is made by the well known publisher valve that most people are familiar with. They have made some great games in the past both multiplayer and singleplayer but this one might be the last singleplayer experience they ever put out or at least for a long time. This review is made almost 8 years after the original release date and nothing has happened as of yet, so if they are planning on doing something are they definitely taking their sweet time. So the big reason why Portal 2 is such a great game is essentially what it has to offer in terms of enjoyment and content. It’s got some very solid and enrapturing gameplay that is build around the cool mechanic of using portals with a very humorous and well put together story to back it up. The game could by itself work without the story and the story could also to some extent be on its own but it’s the way they back each other up and gets combined that makes it such a good game. It’s not the longest game in the world but I am personally a big fan of the length of the story and main game as i found it to be quite spot on in terms of what i found enjoyable and fulfilling. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper review without mentioning and referring to the CO-OP campaign/levels. The second reason why portal 2 is so good and in some peoples opinion the biggest reason is the multiplayer aspect. The CO-OP levels and multiplayer function is so much fun and it’s such a blast to take a good friend by the neck and jump right into the CO-OP levels. They are quite well put together and requires both players to help each other out and work in harmony to get past the many obstacles at hand. With that said, a lot of the fun is how it turns out when the teamwork goes out of sync and you either intentionally or accidentally make your partner meet his inevitable doom by either smashing, drowning or burning him to smithereens. And the guys at valve have somehow made the animations and expressions so captivating and comical that it’s tough to feel sorry for your friend when he blows up. The game also has to some degree infinite amounts of extra content with the community made levels for both CO-OP and singleplayer that can fill your thirst if you still are looking for more after completing the main game. All in all a super duper awesome game that is so much fun to play.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Valve
steam page: link
Review date: 05-01-2019

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