Saint☆Oniisan (Movie/Series)

This review is focused around both the movie and the two episodes series as I see them as kinda the same thing.

To have buddha and jesus descent down upon earth again after a few thousands years would in most people’s mind be quite a big deal. Not in this case because they somehow manage to fit right in without any suspicious activity that could reveal their real identities. Ok that’s maybe only partly true but they are quite good at keeping a low profile. The whole show is just really funny and has a nice feel to it. There isn’t anything over the top and they take the piss in a very polite and cool way on what might happen when the two gentlemen is tasked with the many daily chores of a present day japan. The series is only two episodes long and has around the same score and popularity as the movie. There isn’t really any order to watch them in and they could both if really needed to be cut into pieces and shown as short mini episodes because of how it doesn’t really have a direct storyline. It’s not to say it doesn’t have any storyline at all because it does, it’s more of a way to say that the story isn’t the main focus or force driving the show. It’s overall a really interesting concept and it’s made just the way it should be chill, fun and able to bring out some good laughs. It’s not a must watch in any means but it’s not something i would ever consider as bad or not good. It’s just a good little show that really shows some funny sides of the people in it as well as the two protagonists way of handling their daily life while on vacation to earth again.


Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 2 episodes + A Movie
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Myanimelist: Movie Series
Review date: 10-01-2019

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