Samurai Jack

This is the show that I stayed up to 2 am at night to watch when I were little. Samurai jack was at the time I watched cartoons on tv, one of, if not, my absolute favorite cartoon to watch. Everything about the show was awesome from the intro, to the artstyle, to the many awesome fight scenes and everything else. I just loved watching this white samurai be cool and collected as he fought through one wave of monsters after another trying to find a way back home.

I’m not gonna say “You have to go and watch this” as the show has a few years on it’s back but I still find it to be a great watch today. The way the show works is that he is trapped in the future, but this world is controlled by the evil Aku. That means that both he and the many inhabitants of this world faces struggles so he helps these people as well as tries to find a way back home to his own time. I really admire how diverse this world is and how many different ideas the show brings as they essentially go visiting every place possible and imaginable. There is of course limits to how much a show can do this but it certainly pushes the boundaries in my opinion for where you can find a samurai slicing up bad guys.

So what is so special about samurai jack. It’s got a diverse world and a cool samurai but is that it? No the rest of the shows characters are also very well made in my opinion and each new person added to the mix is just a great addition overall. Most characters don’t really last much longer than an episode on the other hand so it’s also a matter of watching the last season. That’s the reason I’m writing this because of the final season of the show airing 13 years after it originally aired its last episode. I was just ecstatic to find out that a new season would be made of my favorite show and I really enjoyed it.

The focus of this last season is a way for the show to put our beloved samurai on a final adventure and to find a way back home and to show the many journeys he’s been on. There of course also gets introduced new characters and reintroduced the old ones to let the show truly close the holes and end this great journey. Everything just goes full circle and I were quite satisfied with the ending. I of course had some thoughts about if that truly was the best way to end it but when thinking about how I would have liked it to end am I quite satisfied in not being able to come up with something better. It’s just an awesome cartoon that I’m very glad to have watched the end of.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Seasons: 4
Production: Cartoon Network
IMDb: link
Review date: 07-02-2020

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