I’m usually a bigger fan of new and more modern board games with their fancy colors and cool ideas but some of the older games can still stand their ground with their solid mechanics and fun gameplay. Sequence is essentially “Connect Four” but with some playing cards. You have a game-board with all cards from a standard card deck on it, displayed twice except for the jacks and you have 6 cards on your hard or less depending on the amounts of players playing. You then each turn place down a card and a token on a corresponding spot on the board. You then take turns to do this and slowly try to connect five in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

It’s a lot of fun and you can play with 2 or 3 teams up to 12 players. There is also an element of if you don’t remember to draw is it just to bad for you. You won’t get your card draw that round and you’ll just sit with one less card than everyone else. And this can in the end mean you don’t have any cards left if you are to sloopy. It’s also just fun with how you can screw others over with jacks. The way jacks work is that the one-eyed jacks can remove tokens and two-eyed jacks can place one on a freely chosen spot. This makes it so you can be more strategic and so it’s not all entirely about luck. It is of course not entirely about luck but it does play a major role of the game which is also one of the reasons I like it. Card games in my head are fun because of the randomness and luck involved. There is card games that doesn’t revolve around luck but there is also quite a lot that do. So to combine the aspects of standard card games with connect four is in my book a great combination. Recommended if you can see yourself play a game of cards with your friends.


Recommendation: Recommended
Review date: 18-07-2019
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