ShellShock Live

So this review is written almost 4 years after it got released on steam and it’s still in early access so I’m not expecting any major game changing updates happening but it’s still good for what it is now. The game is as done as it’s going to get in my head with only 1 or two things here and there that might needs a check on but that’s that. The game is really fun and these kind of turn based games with tons of fun and interactive weapons and power ups really makes for some cool gameplay. There is a great selection of weapons but it’s sadly blocked behind a level up system. This could be ok and make a good feature but it’s very grindy and for what I know random when getting new weapons. There is some challenge maps and campaign so you aren’t going to sit out if you don’t want to fight other people but it’s not extensive and the game is made for playing online. Other than a grindy progression system is the online lobby system in my opinion also not very fun. It’s way to hectic and random and there isn’t any like good ways to join a lobby. I would have preferred some standard big button that you just press and join some specific gamemode or a few buttons with a few gamemodes. The current system being a table format showing all available servers that people themselves makes a lobby for and waits for people to join is great but I really feel like it’s doesn’t stand on its own very well. With all that out of the way is the game a ton of fun when playing with someone you really want to blow to smithereens “figuratively”. It’s got great controls and the overall aesthetics of the game is very nice and pretty so it’s doesn’t falter behind in that aspect. I suppose it all boils down to a fun game packed in some pretty wrapping, but it’s made of some cheap plastic to hold it all together preventing it from being a solid and durable game. Besides I don’t know what the current player base is but it’s most likely someone just trying out the game or some nerd when playing random online so play for playing with friends in my opinion.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Multiplayer, Strategi, Early Acces
Developer: kChamp Games
steam page: link
Review date: 11-01-2019

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