Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham is a really cool and fun smuggling game where you try to get the most wares past the sheriff and into the city to win the game. The winner is the person with the most money total gained when putting the value of all the wares he’s gotten together.

You begin by dealing 6 cards out to each player and appoint a sheriff. The other players then need to choose 1-5 cards from their hands and put them into a bag. Each players bag then has to be inspected by the sheriff player before they can get added to your collection. This is the sheriff’s job and he can either look inside the bag or simply let it pass without an inspection. The reason for him wanting to inspect the bag is because you can add contraband. You won’t be penalised if you haul legal goods into the city but if your bag contains contraband/illegal wares and gets found out by the sheriff will you lose the contraband as well as suffer a penalty for trying to bring in contraband.

So as you can hear the game is about trying to get as many contraband inside the city but not get found out. If the sheriff checks your bag and you don’t own any contraband will you be given a compensation for the trouble the sheriff has caused a legal trader like yourself. when everything has been hauled into the city will the sheriff card rotate and everyone draws until they have 6 cards again. The sheriff card rotates until everyone has become sheriff the appropriate amount of times according to the amount of players playing (2-3 times).

It’s great fun and I personally add some fun voices and roleplay when playing with my friends. This could be like the sheriff pointing out the chickens you are hauling in are very silent so you have to make chicken noises so he doesn’t suspect you and makes an inspection of your bag. This is just an example of something you can add to the game to make the experience more fun and interesting. But it’s also meant as a way to show that you most likely are gonna come up with fun and interesting reasons to check the others bags or let them through for a favor and so on.

It’s a really fun and amusing game to be played with your friends. The only downside I have is that it can get a little stale when played to much and it does take some time to complete with all the rotations of everyone being the sheriff. Other than that then go ahead and have some fun with it if it sounds like your cup of tea. It’s challenging and random but you can still be tactical and do some cool mind games to get the upper hand. Definitely recommended.


Recommendation: Recommended
Review date: 04-07-2019
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