Not sure what to take from the name but it’s a horror game and it’s got some spooky music weird flashy images and some creepy moments making it a cool and interesting scary game all around. It’s quite well made in the sense that you can go into the different apps on the phone and check out different kinds of images, posts and other similar content to “simulate” the feel of it being a phone even though you never truly feel that way. The game runs very nicely and all the messages and popups works smooth with the only real feature you feel lacking is a speed up option for some of the dialog but that would probably remove some of the immersion i suppose. It deserves some probs on the immersing music and crisp dialog, overall esthetic look as everything is very sharp and pretty, but i felt like the story didn’t have a strong enough impact. It all felt too linear and like it all had the same pacing throughout the game. Of course there is gonna be moments when something interesting happens and afterwards you’ll have to act accordingly to what new information you’ve been given but it still didn’t feel impactful enough. It was like every time you made some progress was it just on the next one and just keep on doing that until you reach the finish line. I will admit that there are moments where you wonder and have to figure out what to do but the problem was, and this is very hard to achieve is that some puzzles felt dumb or pointless others frustrating and lastly some were nice and well put together.

When listening to the other characters in the game you’ll be pointed towards where to do something but of course not how or any direct instructions on what exactly to do which is great and good. The thing is that you can very easily find yourself fumbling around the phone frantically looking for clues or answers to the current task and it might only be because you’ve already found the clue but missed a vital detail or some other stupid thing like that. My best example here is in the game you reach a point where you need a specific name and i personally tried a lot of combinations and it was like a stupid little error that halted my progress because i didn’t try a weird combination i myself found unintuitive. This might just be me, but what the game needs is some more impactful decisions so it feels a little more like a roller coaster instead of riding along on a straight road. Some better instructions, clues or essentially anything to point towards the right answers in a way that feels rewarding and intuitive. And lastly just a more compelling story. I did find the story very interesting but it was more than anything the villain of the story. None of the people you talk to or the owner of the phone you’re using really captivated my interest or made me invested in wanting to learn more about them or hear from them again. So all in all a cool well put together game but it just need some more spice on a few points. The only other complaint I have is that sometimes when listening to the other characters voices would it feel to abrupt when the dialog was over instead of something similar to what it would sound like in real life. other than that try it out and see for yourself if you like it, i can recommend it but I’m on the edge of recommending to watch someone else play it instead but that’s probably up to personal preference.


Recommendation: Not Recommended
Genre: Aventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Kaigan Games OÜ
steam page: link
Review date: 13-12-2018

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