Steven Universe

A lovely modern cartoon capable of offering variety and new ideas while holding on to some of the old values that makes it a great watch

Steven Universe is the series about a young boy named steven and his friends “The Crystal Gems”. This group goes on adventures discovering the world of their own little town as well as the many unique and forgotten places around earth linked to the Crystal Gems past. The show does a great job of setting up a really cool and interesting world that continues to show new things and keeps on bringing new and cool discoveries. The first seasons focuses more on establishing the world and characters and most of the episodes can be seen without the need of watching them in order. But this doesn’t last for long as the show and the episodes begin to unveil and progress the overall story of our protagonist steven and the crystal gems.

This is very common for cartoons and Steven Universe does a great job of this in my opinion. Other than just having a good way of progressing the story am I also a fan of the story itself. The biggest reason for this is how unique it is as well as how well the characters are made and especially our protagonist steven. Everything makes sense and their relationships and interactions with each other is very likeable to keep you interested and make it an enjoyable experience. This isn’t to say everything is perfect and there is characters or interactions that I’m not in particular a fan of myself but this is miniscule and not really anything to be noted in the grand scheme of things. Steven is a loveable and fun guy and it’s for the most part easy to understand what goes through him as he is very vocal about it with some very mature points of view of what he is comprehending. It’s not like he sounds like an adult but it’s sometimes a little hard to see his mind as that of a young teenager. So why should you watch steven universe or consider watching it?

Well the first things mentioned here should lead you a little on the way but let me tell you some more. Steven Universe is a great watch for someone looking for a very warming and story driven experience. Most of the episodes are loveable and makes you happy and soothed even if you don’t always get extremely invested in the 10 minutes per episode. This isn’t a problem for me though with how some episodes fly by while others manage to cramp immense amounts of stuff into them to make them look closer to that of 20-30 minutes while still being only 10 minutes long. I’m not trying to make it sound sappy and all about hugs as it has a bunch of mature trains of thought and is filled with action scenes but this is what I left with after watching the series. It’s a good cartoon and if you watch a couple episodes can you probably get a good idea whether or not this is something for you. I personally felt it took some of the values of old cartoons that i grew up with and put them into a more modern format and this cool gem of a story. A very cool and awesome cartoon that is highly recommended.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Seasons: 5
Production: Cartoon Network
IMDb: link
Review date: 12-04-2019

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