Tales from the Borderlands

After playing this game I simply had to write a review because this game is truly amazing.

Tales from the Borderlands are a fantastic game with every single piece of the puzzle mastered and put just the right way together to create something astonishing. All the characters are very special and made to completion with cool characteristics and fun interactions throughout the entire game. the dialogs are more spot on that I could dream of from the content of the conversations to the execution of the act. Amongst the characters I really love how the story and the progression of the game makes the game itself a story and makes it so captivating that you often forget that its getting told by Fiona and Rhys (the main characters) and how they ended up in the situation they are in. This tale has some really special ingredients put into a great story from the iconic references, wide knowingly catchphrases and unique components made an incredible recipe that turned into an unique and exotic dish of a game. I didn’t really have any expectations to what I would see but I where truly blown away by the unique and amazing story.

I did my play through of the game in a single day not knowingly that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself until I saw the end of the story. this game personally gave me some good laughs with twists and turns I wouldn’t have thought off as well as points of the game where I thought I knew what would happen only to discover I couldn’t be more right and be more wrong at the same time.

all in all i really liked this experience and enjoyed this amazing craftsmanship done by Telltale games to its fullest and cant wait for a follow up or an DLC with even greater stories to be told. I personally think it can be a lot of money to spend on a game but in this case I think it really is worth it.

Recommendation: It’s really good
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Telltale Games
steam page: link
Review date: 18-06-2016

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