The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is an absolute banger! Really fun and cool way to transform the beloved video game into a unique and fun board game. It’s great because of how it takes the world from the binding of isaac games with the cool and awesome monsters, items and many other goodies and reconstructs it into a board game that is its own thing. It’s still like the video game but but in it’s own very unique and fun way. It’s tough to explain but just know they have taken the video game and transformed it into another really cool and fun experience.

Each player gets their very own character and an accompanied item. You then draw 3 loot cards each and you’re off. Each round consists of each player drawing a loot card at the start of their turn. Decides whether or not they wanna buy an item from the shop and/or fight a monster. And uses one of their loot cards and re-activating their items. You can use an item once and then it gets recharged the next time it’s your turn. You can also activate your character to use an extra loot card whenever you see fit and this also gets recharged once it’s your turn again.

The fun in the game lies in the goal and your opponents. You see the goal of the game is to obtain four souls. These can be obtained by defeating strong monsters or if you’re lucky by loot cards or the shop. There is also 3 special criterias/achievements that gives souls if you get a few guby items, gets a total of 25 coins at once or if you’re holding 10 loot cards in your hand.
It’s then you’re job to get a total of 4 souls before your opponents and potentially make them trip along the way.

It’s really fun and my friends and I have been pulling this out whenever we had the chance when getting together for some board games. It’s one of my current favorite games and I really enjoy playing it. Everything you get is top quality which really adds up to the urge of wanting to play more and makes it much more fun to fiddle around with components as you enjoy the fun jokes and cool art the game has. I really like this game and can highly recommend it.


Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Review date: 02-01-2019
BoardGameGeek: link

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