The Devil is a Part-Timer!

A somewhat reverse isekai if that’s a thing. To go from the most feared being in the land of Ente Isla to become the employee of the month at MgRonald’s.

The devil is a part-timer is a quite straight forward show. Some demon lord fella called Satan get’s transported to some weird place called Japan without most of his powers and now has to make a living there. He ends up working at the rival to burger queen as his loyal general Alsiel goes to the bathroom and cleans up. It’s a weird show but very popular and has some funny and interesting moments.

My biggest takeaway was a mix between it feeling like a great show but only being kinda good while still being great. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but it’s just that I didn’t go away from the show thinking back at all the iconic moments. I can easily remember some of the moments but they didn’t strike me as that special. And on the other hand does it still feel like it was overall quite enjoyable. I think the problem lies in it feeling a little like a filler at some points while the parts that don’t didn’t blow one out of the waters but just being overall good.

So if I’m able to come up with a conclusion, would it probably be that the show is a good watch but don’t expect it to be something special. It’s more something enjoyable and somewhat calm rather than anything else and you either enjoy it or not ^^.

Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 13
Studios: White Fox
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 07-02-2020

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