The Jackbox Party Pack 2

As the jackbox party games contains a selection of a few games will I in the review go through each game mode and give it a rating and then lastly give an overall rating of the combined content the game offers.

The games included are “Fibbage 2”, “Earwax”, “Bidiots”, “Quiplash XL” and “Bomb Corp

Fibbage 2 4/5
A very solid game and a ton of fun to play with your friends. It offers many weird and interesting phrases for you to come up with weird answers and trick your friends. A very funny and unique gamemode that’s very fun to play.

Earwax 4/5
There isn’t really any games like this as it solely focuses on sound. You just have to come up with the best possible combination of sounds to the given prompt. You can’t hear the beforehand so you’ll have to hope for the best but it this game usually brings about some funny answers and moments.

Bidiots 2/5
This gamemode hasn’t been that fun when my friends and I have been playing it. It’s a little to random as you buy drawings but there isn’t really any way to determine their value so you just hope for the best. It’s always fun to draw but this gamemode isn’t that fun to play.

Quiplash XL 4/5
To mess with your friends and come up with obscure and provocative answers that will strike a laugh in the people around you is best achieved with quiplash. You often have to be a little creative to get the most out of playing quiplash but it can be a very fun game.

Bomb Corp 3.5/5
This gamemode is cooperative rather than competitive. You have to with your friends see if you can defuse a bomb and continue to climb in the company that you’ve been hired in. It’s fairly fun and interesting and a nice change from the other game modes sometimes.

The Jackbox Party Pack 2: 4/5
A great selection of some good games. It’s not amazing games but they are all pretty solid and makes up for an overall good selection of games.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Casual
Developer: Jackbox Games, Inc.
steam page: link
Review date: 07-03-2019

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