The Room Two

Great Sequel

It doesn’t really matter if you are into puzzle games or not because this is truly a great experience. If you are thinking about getting “The Room Two” do yourself a favor and play the first one “The Room”.
The Room and The Room Two are both really cool and interesting puzzle games. The environment you are in, to the way you play and the puzzles you solve really puts you like you’re there and it’s like if you where the one to do the challenges you are faced with. All the puzzles use different elements and a wide variety of props and machinery to really make some unique and special “Room’s” of obscure and interesting tests to overcome. The biggest difference from the two games are that the new Room Two are more open and the environment are bigger. That means you are faced with more set pieces and areas instead of less very detailed sets. That doesn’t mean though that it’s any less interesting or any less of a challenge, it simply means you have to think a little different like how the big picture fits together with all the small pieces.

The graphics of this game looks truly outstanding, from the puzzles to the individual pieces as well as the cut scenes and the environment. Every single piece have an immense amount of details and there is an extensive amount of small pieces that no matter how little meaning they have are with great detail and structure. The story also have a great flow and you feel intrigued about the whole situation like what is happening? What this place is? And why am I here? The biggest downside and maybe in my opinion its only downside is the length of the game because even though the story and the puzzles are great it feels like it is over to soon. When I first saw that, it had more achievements I thought it would mean more content since in both games the achievements are an indicator for how many chapters there are and it got me thrilled. Sadly, it turned out that that even though there were more chapters the length of them were shorter as well.

Therefore, my conclusion is, this is truly a unique, well made, good looking puzzle game and it is in my opinion worth every penny but with that said it is a little short but that’s primarily the only downside I can see with this game since I really enjoyed it and I think it’s a really great title.


Recommendation: recommended
Genre: Indie, Adventure
Developer: Fireproof Games
steam page: link
Review date: 28-11-2018

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