The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is the best way to make yourself doubt your every decision, make you question even the slightest of things and give you a new look on life, or maybe just give you a solid laugh and make you enjoy an intriguing and well thought out game. And it does this by showing what can be done with a small selection of tools at one’s disposal and some awesome narration.

The Stanley Parable sets you out on a journey in a labyrinth of self-doubt with a voice inside your head narrating your every move. It is truly a game like no other and despite how it might feel like some other story driven games is it truly unique and interesting. This description is not meant to overly analyse, praise or put the game on some pedestal as the most well thought game ever. I just really want to emphasize how fun it is to play this game for yourself and shape your own story as it is told to you even if you decide not the choose the predetermined path you are given. The game is just you walking around this office that you for some weird reason is the only one currently residing in. You don’t know what’s happened and why no one is here and your only real beacon of what to do is this voice that tells you whatever is needed to know. You then just mindlessly walk around doing what you are told or you don’t. You might just say fuck you voice I don’t care about you and just wander off to whatever paths you find to be the right one. and all this is really a bunch of fun and a great way to enjoy yourself. This game is a game that if someone asked me about it I would describe, as just good and something you should check out and play for yourself because it’s just worth it, it’s just good. I don’t want to say anymore than this and just recommend you to start playing it like you should.


Recommendation: Its just really really good
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Galactic Cafe
steam page: link
Review date: 05-02-2018

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