The Sword in the Stone (1963)

The Sword in the stone is one of my favorite disney films from my childhood. It’s one of the first I remember watching with my dad and I really loved the story and characters. Arthur is this really humble and friendly kid that unfortunately doesn’t have the best family at the moment. He then wanders off into the woods looking for an arrow where he meets the wizard merlin that is quite the peculiar guy. Merlin also has an owl named archimedes and merlin decides after talking with arthur to become his tutor because of the potential he sees in him. And then Merlin begins teaching Arthur by transforming him into different types of animals to learn specific lessons and so on. It ends after he finds some weird sword in a stone and that’s basically it.

The story isn’t very action packed or dramatic but more down to earth and fun. It has a lot of fun and interesting moments that might put you on the edge of your seat because of concern for arthurs safety but it’s all fun and cool despite that. It really holds some of the good values and great storytelling that can be found from classics such as this one as it has a different charm to more modern shows and films. There is also some fun music acts and it’s got some really good animation in my own opinion despite how everyone walks and acts a little clunky. It still gives a lot of dynamic to the characters and a sense of weight and motion when they walk but It’s just a little detail I love and enjoy about the film.

It’s an old classic that still holds up to this day with it’s good story and interesting characters. I really love this film and can definitely recommend it.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Duration: 1h 19m
Production: Disney
IMDb: link
Review date: 06-04-2019

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