The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is a really cool and interesting puzzle platformer with tons of levels and cool interactive objects. It also has a very in-depth and weird story that you can spend many hours on if that is of interest to you.
So what is it about? It’s about this robot that goes through a world trying to uncover its secrets. It also revolves around the players own purpose and meaning behind why he is in this world and a lot other existential stuff. It’s honestly quite interesting, but can get a little out of hand at time.
And the game is a puzzle game which means you have to go through a bunch of levels. Every so often are you offered new objects and interactive elements that you can play around with and that is needed to complete the level and they actually also affect other levels. There is some going back and forth between the levels because of how something couldn’t be played before until you had some specific item which is pretty cool but can also be an annoyance sometimes.
My overall opinion of the game is very good because of the continuity that all the levels offers and how the whole game fits together. My biggest problem is how it can be somewhat confusing at times and overwhelming especially depending on how many settings it takes to complete the game. It’s not like the game is extremely difficult and can still be finished in a single day if you really go for it, but it personally didn’t fit me well leaving the game and coming back to it. You didn’t feel as invested and it felt like a hassle getting back into it. But once you’ve learned how it all fits together and gotten used to it the way it all works is it not so bad after all.
Can recommend checking it out if it’s on a fair price but be prepared for it to possibly feel a little boring. It’s very chill and relaxing if you don’t get frustrated easily but it’s still a puzzle game so look at it like one.

Recommendation: recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Croteam
steam page: link
Review date: 03-08-2019

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