The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

The Textorcist is a very unique game in the sense that it takes two concepts that’s fairly well known and that has been done a thousand times and creates something new with it. It’s a really cool game and I enjoyed my time playing it and trying out this combination of two awesome genres, but the game is not without its problems or flaws. First off is the most prominent thing in my opinion and that’s how you have to move with arrow keys which brings up some dilemmas. You either have commit to typing with both hands and then switch over to moving when necessary or you have to move and type at the same time. You can off course also do something in between but it’s still not optimal. I know this is something that the developers are well aware of and that’s the game they’ve created but it can be a weird experience.

The game itself is very cool and has some awesome design choices and graphics. The story is basically just what it should be, fun, interesting and only as long as it has to be. And controls and overall gameplay is very smooth so you won’t find any problems playing. The game at its current state has a few bugs but a bunch have been fixed and the last are still being handled so I can’t imagine this being a hurdle or cause problems for anyone. So as you can hear it’s a good game, the only thing is just how the controls, the core of the game isn’t optimal not that it can or should be changed for something better. It’s just that if you wanna play this game or are interested in buying it is this an important part of it to consider. I can’t say how hard it would be for beginner typists or people that aren’t that fast on the keyboard. I only found myself struggling against the third last boss and had an overall smooth journey going through all the bosses but I’m can’t imagine this being a good game for people that aren’t good at typing or that wants to improve. This game is for people that like to type and would like something new and interesting and don’t mind how the controls can be a little weird.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: MorbidWare
steam page: link
Review date: 05-03-2018

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