The Witcher

Great game and a good series. I’ve only played the third game in the franchise and haven’t read any books so I’m not gonna try and be an expert but It’s in my opinion a good interpretation when compared to the game. The story isn’t at the same time as the third game so I’m saying it with focus more towards the setting, characters and of course Geralt of Rivia. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it is about the witcher Geralt and his many journeys slaying monsters and saving the world etc. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world with many weird and scary beasts that only can be taken care of by the witchers. The witchers are then this group of mercenaries throughout the world that slays beasts and even sometimes men depending on the one paying for their services. This is also where the phrase lesser evil comes into play.

Videogames has had a multitude of bad works being made trying to depict them and create movies or series from them. The witcher isn’t one of those bad cases but that actually also might be because of how the videogames are based around the books so it doesn’t actually count. But even if the series is centered around the books, it is still cool to see the familiar face of Geralt come to live in yet another format. It’s also pretty well known that the actor playing Geralt is very familiar with the games and books which is a very cool fact and he does a great job of immersing himself into the character which might be because of this interest in the franchise.

All in all, it’s a good depiction of the story and world and a pretty decent watch. I’m not gonna pretend it’s amazing but it’s good and has some great actually has good CGI despite it being a series and much more so give it a shot if interested.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Seasons: 8
Production: Netflix
IMDb: link
Review date: 17-05-2020

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