Towerfall Ascension

Absolutely awesome co-op game. if you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends can i only say “You have come to the right place”.

The Game
– The game is archers jumping around shooting at each other which doesnt sound like something special but the greatest games are often simple and straight forward and this one is no exception. there is a ton of game-modes aswell as mechanics that changes the characters, environment and the arrows to suit whatever needs you may have. there is a quest mode and a versus mode aswell as a trial mode so you can train you skills, go out on adventure and pwn your friends, what more can you ask for. i’ve had a lot of fun playing with my friends over at school aswell as home and each session is the same story. hours of fun with great laughs and some good memories.

– the two biggest disadvantages when it comes to playing the game is it’s not much of an singleplayer game so you will need someone to play with to get the best experience. the second one in my opinion is getting a gamepad/controller. the mechanichs aswell as the controls were designed for a controller and improves the gamepley immensly :).

– You can’t play this game online with your friends which of course is somewhat of a bummer but the reasoning behind it makes up for it. the game is very responsive and very easily comes down to miliseconds of who wins and who gets shoot in the face. so if there were to be an online version the delay aswell as the possible host-advantage would reduce the quality of the games you play. but it doesnt really matter that you can’t play online with your friends because this isn’t a game you play online. it’s a game you get together and have a good time which probably is the best way of playing with your friends. so even though the game can’t be played online will it never mean anything since you will be playing it will your pals right next to you 😀

the dark world edition doesnt add extremely much gameplay but if you are into the game is it a good use of your money.


Recommendation: Greatly recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Matt Makes Games Inc.
steam page: link
Review date: 10-05-2016

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