Trials Fusion

This varies of course but most I know that plays games have at least once or twice tried a 2D bike racing game. This can either have been on phone, browser or computer with varying degrees of quality and weird themes but the point is that there is a lot of them out there. The biggest thing about this is that not all are equal and trials fusion stands above most of them. Trials Fusion is a, I’m just gonna call it racing game where you try to get through the level or racetrack as fast as possible and with the least amounts of resets and mistakes as possible. This is just like all the other ones alike it but Trials just does an awesome job at creating a really fun and solid game. There is much more to it than any other kind of browser game and it blows the legs away of what I’ve seen done on a mobile phone. It might feel a little unfair to compare a pc game to browser games and apps but that’s where most other games like this one is so it makes sense in my opinion to compare it to those. And any game I can think of similar to it will only make trials fusion shine even more in whatever aspect you might be looking at.

Trials Fusion is an really fun and well made race game and it’s made just like it should be. There is a big variety of levels and maps to try out and a very big skill ceiling so you won’t be strolling through the levels for long before finding yourself struggling. And even if you do get tired of the levels the core game has to offer can you just explore the many user-generated levels that people have created. There is also a few different bikes to choose from but the game sadly hasn’t done an amazing job at creating levels for the specific bikes. There is levels that works better with specific bikes compared to others but you’ll quickly find yourself using a single bike for the hard levels as that specific bike offers the most control. This isn’t really a big problem for me but I know some people that this is a bit of a turnoff, but I don’t think the game is as much about the bikes as it is about the levels.

I don’t really have anything to say about UI, sound design or the rest as they all get a thumbs up in my book so I’m gonna try and focus on the gameplay and level design. Trials Fusion has made the game 3D but with you only moving in 2D space essentially. That means that you basically just have to go straight and maybe jump over a few things here and there but Trials Fusion does an awesome job at putting this to the next level. There is so many different and creative obstacles and challenges that the game offers and the way each level is presented with awesome graphics and cool visual effects and all the rest just makes the experience even more enjoyable. It’s a great motocross game or whatever you wanna call it and a bunch of fun so if you are interested in these types of games or like the gameplay then you won’t be disappointed. You can also play against your friends by racing their ghost either real time or trying to beat their best times but I can imagine this game being more single player than multiplayer for most people.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Racer
Developer: RedLynx
steam page: link
Review date: 11-05-2019

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