It’s not every day you come across something that feels unique and interesting but I found Trigun to deliver just that. To be thrown directly into a gunfight in a desert doesn’t really bring any clarity to what’s going on or tells us what story we’re about to be told, but it sets things off with a bang. What then follows is a story with the same two characteristics as our gunfight. You don’t really get what’s going on for the most part or why, but you are guaranteed to see the whole place turn into a hurricane of bullets and some awesome battles. Vash is our main character that we follow as he acts like a magnet to these chaotic events and continues to unveil and show the essence of the whole situation. it’s as you might have guessed not as much about the contents of the story but more about but how it’s being presented. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing story and I really liked it for its continuity and how the world were put together but the place where it was able to shine was with it’s execution. You have some great characters and fun complications for them to push through and it feels really nice to see them prevail. That is also because of how well it’s able to show off the world with some good passing and great storytelling. It’s a really good anime and I’m glad I watched and it’s greatly recommended

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 26
Studios: Madhouse
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 26-01-2019

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