Typing Guide: Everything you’ll need for typing

Prologue: I at some point in 8th grade decided to take on the task and begin to learn 10 finger typing after discovering how fast it was possible to type. It wasn’t easy at first but I stuck to it and learned the ways of typing with all 10 fingers. I then a few years later decided to fully master it by being able to type 100 wpm. To obtain this I took on the task to learn using both “Shift-keys” which I hadn’t done prior. I only used the left shift key which slowed down my speed in my own opinion and I wanted to fix this habit. I managed to also do this and I feel like I’m finally satisfied with the speed and skill I have even though I can’t wait to type even faster and become even better. I wanted to make this guide to show people all the best tools, tips, tricks and everything else to either learn from scratch or improve whatever skills you have to the absolute upper limits of what is possible.  The guide will be build in sections to make it easier to find the things you are looking for with ease. I will however start with a compact version of everything for those who might be interested in that and then afterwards continue with the full guide.     

Full Guide – Compact Version

  • Go to typingclub.com and do the “Typing Basics” course
  • Always try to use 10 fingers when typing even if you feel like it’s clunky or not as fast as what you’re used to. It’s worth the effort and you will improve with time. 
  • Try and explore and use multiple resources once you’ve gotten the basics down to keep improving and getting more flexible with your skills.
  • Make sure to do a large quantity of exercises even if it feels like a drag if you’re interested in improving fast. But keep in mind that there is no shortcuts. 
  • Try to focus on accuracy more than what you’re willing to. The speed will come as you get more used to the keys positions. 
Best Online Site for Learning – Typingclub.com

There is a ton of resources out there when it comes to learning how to type and that’s why I’ve found the one that stands above all the others. 


I’m not sponsored and don’t know much else about the site other than it’s an amazing site for learning how to type with 10 fingers. The reasons why it’s so great is fairly straightforward. 

  • They have a very nice user interface and menu system that’s easy to navigate in. 
  • The classes and the way each exercise is shown is easy to read and very responsive and feels very rewarding and makes the process fun. 
  • And the maybe biggest reason in my opinion is the feature to show the keyboard on-screen and what fingers to use. 

Everything about the site is as it should be. Simple, fast and easy to use. And you might be asking now how much I’ve looked into other sites and how much I’ve used this one in particular so let me tell you about that exact thing. I’ve done more than 750 exercises on this exact site because of how good it is. I’ve done hundreds upon hundreds of exercises on other sites and none of them is as good as Typingclub. 

I could go on talking about why typingclub is as good as it is but I would prefer to just continue with how to get started and what typingclub offers. 

How to get started learning 10 finger typing

I would as you might have guessed from the previous section advice to head over to Typingclub.com. Now the next step is probably the toughest but most important one of them all. 

Start doing the “Typing Basics” course and stick to it. 

This means that when you aren’t using the site and going through the course then you still despite how hard it is to get accustomed to continue to practice and try to use 10 fingers instead of using whatever method you were used to before. I don’t wanna say that it’s really hard and that it is unbearable because that isn’t the case even if you might want it to be that way sometimes. It’s just something that takes time to get accustomed to and become good at. You’ve probably heard the practice makes perfect sentence more times in your life than what you would have liked, but all those times have been with good reason. It works. 

I’m not gonna continue to dig deeper in the “stick to it” part because if you’re gonna keep at it then you’re most likely gonna keep at it and if you’re a quitter then you’ll probably quit. But ask yourself if you’ve ever been stuck writing something and you’ve felt like it’s going too slow or that you aren’t able to write at the speed of your thoughts. If you’ve been writing but there is a bunch of holes that you can’t even remember how to fill anymore because of the thought having gone away already . Try to learn if you want to and ask yourself why you’re doing it. 

Now once you’ve created an account or logged in with google or something similar is it time to begin. You will start of with the basics with why there are bumps on the keys “f” and “j” and everything else you need to know. I honestly can’t do a better job of learning anyone how to type with 10 fingers than what typingclub is able to do. 

Once you feel like you’ve progressed to a point where you don’t have to look down at the keyboard anymore and that you’re a little more comfortable with using all your fingers try to use other platforms and resources to improve and become better. 

I know that I just stopped a little abruptly after telling you to juse practice but trust me when I’m saying that typingclub will guide you through all the many hurdles. It’s a great site and it will really make you a master typists as long as you just stick to using it. 

An extra tip that i got requested to add was the importance of good posture and some other general info that can be found on


Tips for using typingclub

It can be really helpful when first starting out to only look at the on screen keyboard and not focus on anything else. Then when you think you know where a specific key are from muscle memory then you can begin to only look at the letters and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to become a master typists. 

Also try to keep a healthy relationship between accuracy and speed. It’s important to be able to type fast but most people are gonna tell you that accuracy is much more important and helps more in the long run. Accuracy is awesome!

What to do after learning 10 finger typing

Well once you’ve become capable of writing using all 10 fingers are there a few things you can do. The first and most important is honestly asking yourself.

“Am i truly using all 10 fingers and using the proper technique?”

You don’t have to do everything by the book but things are advised the way they are for a certain reason. I myself used to only use one shift key but gained a lot of speed after learning to use both. 

If you’re fine with whatever skills you have and just wanna become better then here’s what i suggest. 

  • Try out games or typings tests to keep improving
  • Pick up writing and try to just write a bunch of stuff instead typing premade texts
  • Become a master of shortcuts to improve your daily workflow 
  • Learn new words and read more.

As you can see there is a ton of ways to improve and all of them help in different ways while contributing to increase your speed and skill with the keyboard. I’ll go through all the best ressources out there under the section “how to master the keyboard”

How to master the keyboard

If you want to become a master of the keyboard then you’ll have to become someone you proudly can call the best and someone who fully utilizes the capabilities of the keyboard. This is first and foremost just being able to type fast and accurate but it’s also about everything else. The only one to decide when you are a master is yourself in my opinion. But I’ll write down some tools and skills that if you’re able to either do these things or can beat these challenges with ease can call yourself a great typist or maybe even a master. 


There is many great typing resources able to fill whatever needs or cravings you may have. I will make a few lists here and show off what i think is the best ones out there and what might help or entertain you the most. Remember this is all my personal opinion so some of the better options might be as good as the best but the point is more about finding a bunch of good resources and steer away from the bad ones. 

Best overall ressources

Best place for learning 10 Finger Typing: Typingclub.com

Best steam Typing-game: Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Best online Typing-game: Typeracer.com

Best Typing test: Typeracer.com

Tier system

Many of these resources are categorized in a tier system. This goes from “S-tier” being the best and “F-tier” the worst.

Best Online typing-games

Typing games can mean different things to different people but I’m just gonna put whatever in here I find fitting. Some might say that a few of these isn’t much of a game but it doesn’t have to scream “This is a videogame” to be a typing game.

S tier:

some say that typeracer is more of a typing test than a game but the way you compete against others and the features the site offers is more than enough for me to call it a game. It is however also a great test to see how good you are as it uses texts from literary works like books, articles and so on which simulates what you actually would have to write in a day to day basis. 

A great and fun typing-game/test where you don’t have to focus on anything like symbols, numbers and capital letter (for the majority). It might not be the best representation of real life but it’s good practice and a lot of fun to do in my opinion.  

fun little game where you type words and each word you type destroys enemy ships and such.

One of the best and most fun typing games out there. Definitely worth a try if you wanna have a good time playing a high quality typing game.

B tier:

I just found this game really fun. It’s nothing amazing or really improves your typing speed that much but it helps in improving vocabulary and is just an interesting idea. 

This is actually one of the most well made and thought out typing games when it comes to quality. The problem is that it’s not really done and it’s basically more a demo than a full game. Don’t get me wrong, you can still play this game and have fun but it feels a bit odd because of how you know there could be more to it. I hope the developers will do something about it one day. 

C tier:

It’s an alright typeracer look alike but I personally still prefer typeracer over this one. 

some game “Notch” made after he did minecraft. I’m not a big fan myself but I’ll just throw it on here for the fun of it. 

D tier:

interesting small game despite how it is very small. Looks pretty good and is a little fun but needs much more to call it a good game. 

E tier: 

There is a few of the racing games i found a little enjoyable because of how it was multiplayer but it’s still quite bad games overall. 

F tier: 

All the sites in this tier is quite frankly awful and should be kept away from anyone who wishes to have fun or improve their typing skills. There might be a few that’s a little better than manure but they are basically all awful. The only reason they are on the list is to make fun of them for being so awful.

Best Steam typing-games

I’ve made a separate guide/article that goes into depth with this subject so make sure to check that out

Best Typing Games On Steam

Best Typing-Tests

S tier:

A tier:

B tier:

C tier:

D tier: 

E tier: 

Learn how to type – Websites for Learning

All these sites do the same but to a different degree of success. Typingclub in my opinion strives above all the others and is the absolutely best one. Keybr is more of a fun side tool/website that doesn’t do ordinary words

S tier:

A tier:

B tier:

C tier:

D tier:

E tier:

F tier:

Special skills and where to learn them

This is more of an extra thing i just wanted to add for fun sakes. It’s not as if i can do all of these skills but I thought it would be fun to add them to show what other things can be done and is used other than just general typing on the keyboard. 

type with closed eyes

this one is not really that interesting as most people that can do touch typing can type without even looking at the screen or keyboard. I still put it here nonetheless as it’s quite a cool skills and nice to know that you can write without even having to look at anything. 

Stenotype and stenographers

The stenotype is another kind of keyboard used by stenographers with fewer keys. It is the fastest way of typing to my knowledge as the record sists on 375 wpm which is quite an absurd speed. The way it works is that “Multiple keys are pressed simultaneously to spell out whole syllabes, words and phrases with a single hand motion”. It is primarily used for real-time transcription like when in court. It’s not really something to my knowledge that’s that useful outside of such environments but still a cool thing. 

There is a steam game called “Steno Arcade” which I haven’t tested out personally as I don’t own a stenotype but it could be a cool way to practice using a stenotype if you already know how to use one. As of learning how to use one is not something I’m familiar with so i would resort to a quick google search on that matter. 

one handed:

I have no idea how fast it is possible to write with one hand but i would assume that it isn’t much more than a word a second. There is of course many words that can be written in less than a second with one hand but to consistently press 6 keys with only one hand across the whole keyboard and use the shift keys once in a while really slows things down. It is still a cool and unique skill to have even though I don’t know how useful it is compared to if you just take your other hand to help out and speed up the progress. 


the numpad is a great tool to use and get good. This could be for the sake of writing down calculations, specific strings of numbers like credit card information or writing down as much as you can of the constant pi. It really speeds the process up if you need to do a bunch of numbers for whatever reason and is also fun to use in my own opinion. I’m not sure if there is any great tools out there for using the numpad but i stumbled upon a fun game i found pretty cool that might improve numpad speed and accuracy. Numpad game www.typinggames.zone/numpad 


I know this isn’t a specific typing skill as such but programming and typing ordinary sentences is still quite different. The biggest reason for this is how many different kinds and types of symbols you use while programming. That’s why it improves speed and accuracy while programming to know all the locations of whatever symbols that might be needed for the specific language you are writing in. I thought it was fitting in at least just a little bit so here it is, if you wanna improve your speed of programming try and improve your overall typing speed, your familiarity with the different symbols and their locations and lastly maybe look up some formatting addons and such for whatever program you are using to code in. 

Alternate keyboard layouts – Dvorak, Colemak, Maltron, Azerty

Qwerty is the most used keyboard layout in the world. You won’t find many big brands selling mainstream keyboards with any other layout than this one. This doesn’t mean that Qwerty is amazing or superior to any of the other layouts though. It’s just that it has become the most widespread one and people don’t wanna spend time or money to change their habits and keyboard layout. The reason for this is just because it was the layout that made the most sense with the typewriter to avoid jamming when typing. Other keyboard layouts such as dvorak has more logical positionings keys to improve speed and accuracy when typing. But no matter how good the other solutions are will it probably take a long time if not forever before some other type of keyboard layout makes more sense to use. 

How to become good at shortcuts

Shortcuts is an essential part of using a computer. You can if you really want to use only your keyboard to navigate around your pc or only your mouse but either case is very inefficient which is why we use both. But we often get quite fond of using our mouse when we instead can use the keyboard to do the same task and at much quicker speeds. When you take your mouse to choose another tool in a program rather than just using the shortcut do you not only slow down the speed at which you work but you also stop the flow of things. This is not to say that you always have to use the shortcut but it is more often than not much faster and a better way of going around things if you get used to the shortcuts for your primary tools. This can be in programs as well as when just on your desktop and wanting to change programs and similar things. 

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