I really found Typoman a cool and interesting game and were very astonished by its great artstyle and cool animations and the like. It was very compelling to continue to explore the world and see what other cool features the game had to offer in terms of enemies, the environment and the crisp and pretty cut-scenes. With that said I did find the whole experience very lackluster and empty in terms of how much I enjoyed it.

The gameplay works like all other sidescrollers by you continuously progressing by completing different types of puzzles and getting past a variety of enemies. This was all ok with a good variety of enemies and puzzles but my biggest problem is with a core part of the game. I enjoyed doing the puzzles for the most part and found them fun and interesting but the same thing kept making them worse. Spelling the words needed to progress. The chapters are divided into a bunch of different puzzles and obstacles each of which contains a predetermined amount of letters for you to manipulate to solve the puzzle. That means that you have to take these letters and combine them into the right word or multiple words to progress. This is all well and good but I have a big problem with this type of obstacle. It removes the fun of having to solve a puzzle by learning and experimenting or having to practice certain mechanics and turns it into a game of scrabble. I don’t mean that these elements are completely removed but they get overshadowed as you keep looking for the right word so you can advance.

I guess I can swiftly summarize the game by saying, “it’s very pretty and some great artistic skills were used, but the level designs removes all the fun”. The game is not just a collection of scrabble puzzles as there lies more to it and there is more parts to each of the puzzles in the game. However, I really would have wished that they had done something to make that part of the game more interesting. This could be by presenting the letters in a more dynamic way or by making the solutions more dynamic by getting parts of the solution letter by letter instead of having to do it word by word.

All in all a very pretty and impressive game visually but I cannot get over the levels, as they are what drives the game forwards. I honestly think this game is more enjoyable to watch rather than to play but it might just be I’m not enough of a scrabble enthusiast to enjoy playing the game. Was a treat to watch but a hassle to play.

Recommendation: Recommended to watch
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Brainseed Factory
steam page: link
Review date: 02-04-2018

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