Valiants Hearts: The Great War

Valiant hearts is an awesome story of a french soldier fighting against the odds to return home to his beloved family.

I really enjoyed my time playing valiant hearts and were invested right up till the end. The game is mostly about the story and it’s also the main selling point of the game which is also why it sells so well. It’s a very interesting journey and it’s such a treat to experience this thrill of emotions and many cool moments as the game does an amazing job of conveying the emotions and mood to the player perfectly. The other part of the game is the gameplay which is basically a 2D side scroller as you navigate around the screen going from right to left while trying to get past the many hindrances and obstacles along the way. It’s perfectly fine in my opinion and I enjoyed most of the puzzles/challenges and found them fulfilling. The only problem I had was that these games sort of are destined to always have one or two hindrances that either isn’t logical to the player or uncomfortably difficult. I actually were quite surprised to see how little of this there were but there were a few moments with some frustration. luckily they quickly faded and I got right back into the action and awesome story completely forgetting about everything else. The only thing I feel like there is left to say is that it’s really fun and interesting to play through this game as it’s so well made from story, to graphics, to the sound design and everything else. You might not be a history buff or feel like playing this game or whatever you might be thinking but it’s very hard not to appreciate a good story when you see one. And that is what I think this game is and it is highly recommended


Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
steam page: link
Review date: 07-05-2019

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