Most people how the game was unplayable when first released with troubles like bad performance, bugs and so forth. The game has changed since then both in playability but also price. The game in my personal opinion is fun and entertaining to play and I enjoyed my time playing. It is true that the game is not one of the best titles from Ubisoft but I personally think they have a solid model when creating these open world games. Older examples like Far cry or Assassins Creed show that they are capable of creating great games of course with some bad ones here and there but still enjoyable to play. I got the game when first released and had some problems myself, nothing game breaking or frustrating in any way but I did have to wait a little until I could get the full experience.

The biggest flaw in my opinion is the story and the characters because Ubisoft are very capable of creating amazing characters to keep you engaged and interested in the story and their development. You are able to get emotionally attached to these characters and keep being engaged of what is to happen next and what the consequences of your actions might be. This title didn’t live up to my hopes in that matter but it definitely didn’t let me down completely. I did find the characters interesting most of the times as well as the overall story idea appealing. So it was not a terrible story, but neither a great one especially when comparing it to other titles of the same genre. But I did enjoy some opf the story nonetheless and found the game fun and interesting since I haven’t tried a hacking game before and even though they could have done some things differently can I overall call myself satisfied for the most part with the mechanics and gameplay overall.

The biggest letdown when it came to the hacking aspect was probably that it was too simplistic. I didn’t expect to write lines of code or hack into the pentagon but some of the parts of the hacking aspect seemed to straight forward. All you had to do to get anywhere was a single button and then you’re good to go. The reasoning of this is because this game is an action game and needs to keep you engaged as much as possible. The menu, mobile, and weapons functions did get a bit frustrating at times and they went with some new ideas and ways to do things, which I find good so you don’t get the same way of doing things over and over but they should maybe have stuck to some of the ways that they know work from previous experiences. However, even though I have a feeling I want to hate some of the bad parts of the game I don’t when I think about it a little more. It had its flaws, so what nobody’s perfect and I like the game.

Overall, I enjoyed my time playing this game and it is worth the pennys when on sale. And learn from me don’t buy every game on release, maybe let it settle down a little and see where it leads.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
steam page: link
Review date: 18-02-2017

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